Frederick W. Gibbs

Department of History
MSC06 3760
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-1181

Academic Employment

University of New Mexico

Associate Professor of History (Aug 2017 - )
Assistant Professor of History (Aug 2013 - Jul 2017)

Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media

Director of Digital Scholarship (Aug 2009 - Jul 2013)

George Mason University

Assistant Professor of History (Aug 2009 - Jul 2013)


University of Wisconsin

Ph.D (2009), MA (2002)
History of Science, Medicine & Technology

Carleton College

Bachelor of Arts (1998)



Poison, Medicine, and Disease in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Routledge, July 2018.

Articles in Refereed Journals

“Teaching and Researching the History of Medicine in the Era of (Big) Data: Reflections,” Medical History, 61.4 (2017), 609-11. [with Jeffrey S. Reznick] PubMed

“Data, Humanities and the History of Medicine: New Pedagogical Approaches,” Medical History, 61.1 (2017), 177-180. PubMed

“Teaching and Researching the History of Medicine in the Era of (Big) Data: Introduction,” Medical History, 61.1 (2017), 176. [with Jeffrey S. Reznick] PubMed

“New Forms of History: Critiquing Data and Its Representations,” The American Historian 7 (2016): 31-36. TAH

“Editorial Sustainability and Open Peer Review at Programming Historian,” DHCommons 1 (2015). DHCommons | PDF

“From Theory to Practice in the Digital Humanities,” in Bildungsgeschichte. International Journal for the Historiography for Education 1-2015, 95-99. PDF

“Poisonous Properties, Bodies, and Forms in the Fifteenth Century,” Preternature 2.1 (2013): 19-46. project muse

“Riding the Bicycle of Kuhn’s Structure,” Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 42.5 (2012): 510-513. JSTOR | PDF

“Critical Discourse in the Digital Humanities,” Journal of the Digital Humanities 1.1 (2012). JDH | blog

“Building Better Digital Humanities Tools,” Digital Humanities Quarterly 6.2 (2012) [with Trevor Owens]. DHQ

“New Textual Traditions From Community Transcription,” Digital Medievalist 7 (2011). DM

“A Conversation with Data: Prospecting Victorian Words and Ideas,” Victorian Studies 54.1 (2011): 69-77 [with Dan Cohen]. project muse | blog

Book Chapters

“Medical Literature on Poison, c. 1300-1600,” in Philip Wexler (ed.), Toxicology in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, 159-166. London: Academic Press, 2017.

“The Poetics of Digital Scholarship,” in Matt Bernico and Manuela Kölke (eds.), Ontic Flows: From Digital Humanities to Posthumanities, 101-122. New York and Dresden: Atropos Press, 2016.

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Other Stuff

Digital History and Argument, from the Arguing with Digital History Workshop at RRCHHM.

A Healthy Dose of Skepticism,” Nursing Clio, May 24, 2017.

How Do We Make the Future?” (July 2016) [with Erika Milam and Joanna Radin].

Histories of the Future (

“The Historical Value of Ephemeral Discussions of Science on the Web” in Science @ Risk: Toward a National Strategy for Preserving Online Science, 8-16. Washington, DC: Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, 2012. meeting site | PDF


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Lawrence M. Principe (ed.), Chymists and Chymistry. Edited by . Philadelphia: Chemical Heritage Foundation and Science History Publications, 2007. In Pharmacy in History 50.1 (2008): 34-6.

Selected Presentations, Panels, and Workshops

Panelist: History of Food, Nutrition, and the History of Medicine
American Association for the History of Medicine (May 2018)

Intelligence of Algorithms
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Oct 2017)

Arguing with Digital History
Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (Sep 2017)

Critical Digital Humanities Symposium
Dartmouth (Apr 2017)

Personal Failure and Decentralized Digital History
American Historical Association (Jan 2017)

Data, Humanities and the History of Medicine: New Pedagogical Approaches American Association for the History of Medicine (April 2016)

The Universals and Particulars of Poison in the Sixteenth Century
History of Science Society (Nov 2015)

Aesthetics of Digital Editions
University of Oklahoma - Digital Latin Library Workshop (Jun 2015)

The Poetics of Medieval Data
International Congress of the Medieval Academy of America (May 2015)

Re-viewing Data Scholarship
Columbia University - History of Data/Data in History (Apr 2015)

Designing Scholarship
Princeton University - Histories of the Future Workshop (Feb 2015)

Between Text, Argument, and Data: Interpreting New Visualizations in History
American Historical Association (Jan 2015)

Poster Presenter for The Programming Historian (read more…)
American Historical Association (Jan 2015)

Workshop Organizer: Digital and Computational History of Science
History of Science Society (Nov 2014)

Digital Interfaces: Data, Design, Geography, and the Humanities
Southwest American Association of Geographers (Oct 2014)

New Media and the Future of Scholarly Societies
American Association for the History of Medicine (May 2014)

Selected Presenter at Video Short Screening: A Brief History of Toxicology
American Association for the History of Medicine (May 2014)

Building a Cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities and Beyond
University of New Mexico - Cyberinfrastructure (Apr 2014)

Poison, Potatoes, and Post-Computational Humanities
University of Houston (Feb 2014)

Poison, Putrefaction, and Ontology of Disease in the Sixteenth Century
Johns Hopkins University - History of Medicine Colloquium (Nov 2013)

Speaking in Code Workshop Participant
University of Virginia - Scholars’ Lab (Nov 2013)

Pharmaceutical Traces: Exposing the Textual Traditions of Medieval Pharmacy
International Congress of the Medieval Academy of America (May 2013)

Separating Poison and Medicine in the Sixteenth Century
National Library of Medicine (Sep 2012)

Archiving Online Science
Library of Congress - Science at Risk Workshop (Jul 2012)

Mapping Metadata
American Society for Environmental History (Apr 2012)

Organizing Early Modern Texts
Renaissance Society of America (Mar 2012)

Panel Chair: Visualizing the Archive
Institute of Museum and Library Services WebWise Conference (Feb 2012)

Roundtable Participant: A conversation about text mining
American Historical Association (Jan 2012)

Digital Poster: Lo-tech introduction to text mining
American Historical Association (Jan 2012)

Session organizer: Report from Digging Into Data Participants
American Historical Association (Jan 2012)

Criticism in the Digital Humanities
Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities Digital Dialogs (Oct 2011)

Moving Beyond Anecdotal History
Digital Humanities Conference (Jun 2011)

Implications of Data for the 21st-century Historian
NITLE Digital Scholarship Seminar (Apr 2011)

History as Data
Institute of Museum and Library Services WebWise Conference (Mar 2011)

Towards Textual Editing Communities: Re-creating the Middle Ages
University of Tennessee - MARCO Manuscript Workshop (Feb 2011)

Putrefaction and Poison in the Sixteenth Century
University of Minnesota - History of Medicine Colloquium (Nov 2010)

Generation from Putrefaction and Early Modern Causes of Disease
History of Science Society (Nov 2010)

New Textual Traditions for Discovering the Middle Ages
Third International MARGOT Conference: Digital Middle Ages (Jun 2010)

Medicine and Metaphor: Medical Discussions and Definitions of Poison
International Congress of the Medieval Academy of America (May 2010)

Poison in the World and the Body: Concepts of ‘Species’ in Medical Theory
Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Feb 2010)

The Science of Poison: New Analytical Approaches to Toxins in the Middle Ages
International Congress of the Medieval Academy of America (May 2008)

‘The venomes doo preserve from diseases’: Concepts and Categories of Poison
UW-Madison - History of Science Department Colloquium (Dec 2007)

Medical Debates circa 1500: Approaches of Antonio Guaineri and Sante Arduino
American Association for the History of Medicine (May 2007)

Poison and Disease in the Renaissance
New York Academy of Medicine Colloquium (Mar 2007)

Food in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
UW-Madison - History of Science Department Brownbag (co-presenter, Dec 2006)

Fourteenth-century Approaches to Toxicology
History of Science Society (Nov 2006)

The Natural Philosophy of Poison
Midwest Junto for the History of Science (Apr 2006)

Plague, Pestilence and Disease
Society for the Social History of Medicine Post-graduate conference (Jan 2006)

Recent Courses

Digital History, Food, Diet, and Health, Food, Technology, and Society, American Food Cultures, Historiography, Digital Mapping




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