HIST 410: Week 7


You’ve probably heard that you should take your vitamins. Of course they are crucial for health in minuscule amounts, but are we really in danger of falling short? Why is there so much focus on them? We’ve already seen them discussed in McCollum, but this week we look more closely at the discovery and marketing of vitamins in the early 1900s. The way the mere idea of vitamins reshaped nutritional thinking is still with us today. These readings also help us think about the relationship between scientific expertise and common sense. Be sure to check out the PREVIEW VIDEO; it might help with the quiz as well.

Read before Friday

  • Catherine Price, Vitamania, Chapter 4: Journey into Food, 47–63.
  • Catherine Price, Vitamania, Chapter 5: A to Zeitgeist, 65–90.
  • Rima D. Apple, “‘They Need it Now’: Science, Advertising and Vitamins, 1925-1940”.

Fri 10/02