Links and Guides

This page summarizes course resource links that you will probably need repeatedly throughout the term. There is NOTHING NEW on this page; all these links are explained in more detail on the syllabus home page.

Submitting work and quizzes

  • UNM Learn. All assignments will be submitted via UNM Learn.


  • We use Zotero to manage course readings. See the Zotero guide for an overview of the tool, and instructions on how to join the course library.

  • Zotero course library. Note that anyone can VIEW the course library, but you can only access the PDF scans if you’re logged in and have joined the group library. If you can’t see the PDFs, see the Zotero guide for troubleshooting.


  • The course YouTube Channel will host mini-lectures and other screencasts.

General communication

  • I have set up a Slack workspace so that we can communicate easily and informally. Feel free to never use it, be a fly on the wall, or be very active. Instructions to join are on the syllabus home page. The invitation link is on the syllabus home page.

Assignment Guides