HIST 410: Week 14

Review and Reflection 1

This week we’re really starting to ramp down for the course. As a warm up for the course final (due the last Friday of Finals Week), your weekly reflection this week will be to analyze Wednesday’s reading (for which there is no assignment) in terms of the whole course. As soon as you can, check out the BIG POINTS critique for last week. It’s accidentally a little longer than normal (~30 min), but I hope you’ll agree that on the whole we’ve had a relatively low lecture requirement for this course!

Mon 11/16

Wed 11/18

  • Dariush Mozaffarian, Irwin Rosenberg, Ricardo Uauy, “History of modern nutrition science—implications for current research, dietary guidelines, and food policy”, (BMJ 2018; 361:k2392).

Fri 11/20