Metaphor of Plague

Spring 2015 • HIST 300-001
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Assignment Guidelines

  • Your job is to provide a two-page answer/analysis of the question(s) posed on the syllabus.

  • 2 pages maximum. I will discard any additional pages, and I will grade you more hashly for making me do so.

  • Use bullet points to develop a coherent answer to the question. However, do not use highly elliptical sentences or sentence fragments that are hard to follow. You must strive for both concision and clarity. This is really difficult.

  • Be sure you have a logical structure and progression to your bullet points. A random collection of ideas will be frowned upon.

  • Make sure every single idea works directly toward answering the question and fits into your overall argument/structure.

  • Never, even mention only that something relates to something else. You must explain how and why and the significance of the relationship.

  • You must use specific examples from the readings. The more the better, but more citatations do not necessarily equate to a better essay. Citations for irrelevant points only detract from the overall effectiveness of your essay.

  • There is no right answer to the question, but that doesn’t mean you can argue anything at all.

  • The design of your document is an integral part of the assginment, notsuperficial window dressing.

  • Use clear and consistent formatting that makes your document highly readable.

    • no tiny margins
    • no tiny fonts
    • consistent indentation and spacing
    • avoid compressed spacing between lines and bullet points
    • avoid huge gaps between lines or bullets that waste space
    • use bold typeface to highlight your most important ideas; use regular typeface for additional explanation if you supply it; use italics to highlight important words or phrases.