Executive Summary Writing Guide

Assignment Purpose

These kinds of assignments show that you’re doing the reading and thinking about how to relate them to each other and our discussions. Obviously you can do this in our class meetings as well, but this gives you yet another forum to show that you’re learning. And to help me give you the most appropriate grade for your effort at the end of the term.

Your Job

In terms of the writing itself, the assignments encourage/force you to focus on the clarity and concision of your thinking and expression. It’s a super useful skill that you’ll frequently employ in your future career, whatever it is.

Writing style

General formatting checklist

Tips for success

1 (initial idea): There was a cat. The cat was black and it chased a mouse, which was eating cheese.
2 (revised prose): The black cat chased the cheese-eating mouse.

Revisions are hard! But they are the only way to make your writing shine.


It is always worthwhile to talk about these things in class; don’t hesitate to ask. Email is OK, too, especially for quick questions.