Connecting to GitHub

To manage all the work that you will submit before each class meeting, we use a website/service called GitHub. It’s a great archival tool that will allow us to share our work, manage different versions of files, and keep our materials organized throughout the semester.

A quick warning: GitHub is used primarily by programmers working on collaborative coding projects, which means that the interface is highly utilitarian and there are technical terms everywhere—so it can seem rather intimidating. Do not worry! You don’t need to understand anything about GitHub other than a few easy steps, outlined below:

Step 1: Create a GitHub Account

Create a free account. It takes 30 seconds, and you need only a username and password and email address; you will never get any kind of spam.

Step 2: Add your GitHub username to our class list

The easiest way to join our GitHub team is to give me your GitHub username so I can invite you—add it to our shared Google Sheet (see the syllabus for the link).

Step 3: Look for an email from GitHub

As soon as I see your name on the list, I will invite you to join our GitHub team that will give you access to edit our repository. You will receive an email from GitHub that you’ve been invited to join our repository.

Step 4: Accept the Invitation

The email from GitHub will have a link you need to click to accept the invitation (or you can do it on GitHub, but it’s easier to just click on the email link). You will not be able to post your assignment until you have accepted the invitation to join the repository. IMPORTANT: If your email from GitHub does not have a big green button in it, look towards the bottom for a link that says something like “If you don’t see the button click here…”