Digital Futures of History

Fall 2017 • HIST 300-018
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This syllabus is a living document and changes frequently, depending on what’s going on in the course. If you print it out, you’ll need to keep your paper version up to date with the online version. I will always announce important changes in class.

1: Course and Digital History Introduction

Tuesday (Aug 22)

Today we’ll review the syllabus, course aims, assignments, and general plan for the semester. We’ll also figure out how to customize the course to best suit participants’ interests.

Thursday (Aug 24)

2: Archival Power

Tuesday (Aug 29)

  • Joan M. Schwartz and Terry Cook, “Archives, Records and Power: The Making of Modern Memory,” 1–19.
  • Margaret Hedstrom, “Archives, Memory, and Interfaces with the Past,” 21–43.

Thursday (Aug 31)

3: The Necessity of Critique

Tuesday (Sep 5)

Thursday (Sep 7)

  • Fred Gibbs, “The Poetics of Digital Scholarship,” 101-122.

4: Historical Data and Algorithms

Tuesday (Sep 12)

  • Andrew Goldstone and Ted Underwood, “The Quiet Transformations of Literary Studies: What Thirteen Thousand Scholars Could Tell Us.”

Thursday (Sep 14)

5: What is History For?

Tuesday (Sep 19)

  • Keith Jenkins, Rethinking History.

Thursday (Sep 21)

6: Text Analysis and Visualization

Tuesday (Sep 26)

Thursday (Sep 28)

7: Visual and Spatial History

Tues (Oct 3)

Thurs (Oct 5)

  • Dolores Hayden, “Place, Memory, and Urban Preservation,” in The Power of Place, 44-78.
  • Chris Wilson, “Ethnic/Sexual Personas in Tricultural New Mexico,” 12-34.
  • Find a project to critique from Humanities GIS Projects.
  • Start thinking about your spatial history project (I’ve put together a few suggestions if you get stuck)

8: Critiquing Spatial History

Tuesday (Oct 10)

  • Instructions for our spatial history project

Thursday (Oct 12)

9: Spatial History Work Time

(Oct 17 and 19): NO CLASS READ: Ellen Lupton, Thinking with Type (2nd edition).

10: Public Art / Spatial History Project

Tuesday (Oct 24)

  • Ellen Lupton, Thinking with Type.
  • Discussion of Research Projects (check in to make sure everything is going well)

Thursday (Oct 26)

11: Essays and Video Critiques

Tuesday (Oct 31)

  • Review of existing JAH digital history reviews

Thursday (Nov 2)

12: Historical and Authorities of Knowledge

Tuesday (Nov 7)

  • HTML and CSS quiz (review the tutorial!) and questions we didn’t get to last time.

Thursday (Nov 9)

  • Review HTML and CSS concepts via scratchpad
  • Review existing essays; answer technical questions
  • Screencasting basics

13: Reviews

Tuesday (Nov 14)

  • More screencasting

Thursday (Nov 16)

14: Clean up and Eating

Tuesday (Nov 21)

Thursday (Nov 23)

15: Catch up

Tuesday (Nov 28)

Thursday (Nov 30)

16: Loose ends

Dec 5

Dec 7

The last chance for me to convince you that everything we did was seriously worth it. Also, evaluations and final advice for the assignments.